Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator is a critical bridge between Kitchen Sink’s account and project management teams. We don’t carve our job descriptions into stone. Our industry is evolving, as are our clients’ needs. To keep brands at the top of their game, we’re committed to staying at the vanguard of ours.

This is a hybrid role – providing indispensable support on tasks at the foundation of both account management and project management roles. The exposure to and involvement in both areas provides a broad and dynamic perspective of how Kitchen Sink serves its clients and empowers its crew.


You have a passion for stewarding brands, and a strong appreciation for the technical processes, teamwork and attention to detail behind every success story. You believe that communication is at the center of every successful project – from setting expectations to sharing feedback – and you’re excellent at it. You are a talented time-manager and problem-solver, with the work ethic to match. You are proactive, not reactive.

You enjoy building relationships and processes as much as you enjoy building your professional skills. You aren’t afraid of challenges or ambiguity – just the opposite – you thrive on bringing order to chaos. You work best as part of team, and know how to break down a silo when you find one. You are a hands-on learner who isn’t afraid to ask questions, contribute ideas, or constructively criticize. You can do all three with tact and an open mind.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Documenting critical meetings, aggregating project materials, and ensuring stakeholders remain apprised of shifts in timelines and deliverables.
  • Maintaining project plans, templates, timelines, and billing schedules.
  • Maintaining summaries of deadlines, priorities and dependencies for teams and their assignments.
  • Serve as a point of contact for clients and triage requests as appropriate.
  • Organizing presentations and generating reports in support of brand management, business development, and project management teams.
  • Communicate constantly to keep our crew apprised of progress, needs, and obstacles.
  • Maintain PM systems and organizational resources.
  • Schedule meetings and prepare briefings as necessary to facilitate team productivity and efficiency.


  • 1-3 years of experience either managing accounts or managing content production/digital projects, ideally within a marketing/advertising/consulting environment. Experience with both is a substantial plus.
  • Strong attention to detail, with a drive to understand processes.
  • Fluency with Adobe Creative Cloud, G-Suite apps, and the Apple productivity suite.
  • Proven data interpretation, reporting, and visualization skills.
  • Demonstrable experience learning and using industry-specific software platforms, ideally in the project management space.
  • Fundamental understanding of marketing, brand management, communication and/or project management methodologies.
  • Demonstrable experience preparing materials in support of meetings, presentations, and/or new business pitches.
  • Extremely strong written and verbal communication skills, including presentations.
  • The ability to understand and solve complex problems (or know where to find the answer).